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        86722 banking network

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        Summary:86,722 banking network to financial management, financial products, financial management of life in three main categories as a starting point, Web site covering new concept of banking, foreign exchang.
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        Website Details

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        86722 banking network to financial management, financial products, financial management of life in three main categories as a starting point, Web site covering new concept of banking, foreign exchange, futures, stocks, funds, gold, lotteries, trusts, bonds, home banking, finance and insurance, banking and so on, is a personal Web site with home study investment preferences.

        Web site overview

        86722 financial network was founded in March 2012, has the most extensive banking knowledge, is the preferred site for personal finance and learn. Since its inception, 86,722 financing network has access to everyone's praise. Power of friends is endless, launched just a few months, under the efforts of people to help with site managers, site visits quickly for many, are being accelerated Ascension.

        The saying goes, "you're not banking, financial ignore you." 86,722 banking network mission is through massive practical financial knowledge to share and improve everyone's financial prudence. Believe this: "everyone is a glowing gold".

        86722 financial network (86722.com) has the most sound financial management knowledge classification, the real difference is to provide processing of financial information, while the same information is also distributed in other websites, but 86,722 professional financial editor of the banking network is strong in integration services. In the continued efforts of the editors, financial management knowledge sharing for the first time will be most useful to people around the country.

        Main columns

        Banking portal

        Gates of finance program to finance mainly theoretical knowledge, interspersed all kinds of kid story, wonderful financial planning articles read, cultivate everyone's financial prudence.

        A. financial trends: finance and banking information, new concept gadget, my view of financial management, banking and so on;

        B. Institute of Finance: finance must read how planning, knowledge, money management, money management tips, kid stories, examples how to investment banking, and so on.

        Financing products

        Financing products program since its inception, after 86,722 ongoing efforts by the banking network, now contain more complete information on the various types of financial products, currently has 12-bit with years of banking experience in editing, in the column as a whole continues to improve.

        A. equity: getting started with stock market news, stock, experiences, tips, stock investors, shares the story tea house

        B. Fund: Fund of funds Fund of knowledge, literature, news

        C. Gold: gold knowledge, gold news

        D. Forex: Forex knowledge, Forex News

        E. Futures: knowledge futures, futures news

        F. Lottery: Lottery term finance and knowledge information, lottery, lottery, lottery, lottery players stories, lottery and public interest

        G. trust: trust knowledge, trust information

        H. bonds: bonds of knowledge, investment policy, bond information

        I. other financial products: collection of hidden, private

        Life finance

        Finance section all along is the most popular section with all money fans, the section covers a number of practical financial knowledge, practical financial life closely related with you. Some wealth requirements, special opening of the life financial column I love of life columns which can help us to enjoy the pleasures of financial management at the same time, active, healthy and happy life.

        A. family finance: homemaking, child care endowment, buy home buyers and car buyers as tourism, accounting, consumption taxes, House;

        B. finance and insurance: insurance of knowledge, dynamic insurance;

        C. banking: Dynamics of the banking, savings and loan, banking products, bank cards · credit cards and online banking;

        E. I love life: life planning, knowledge, way of life, along with the city of the world, inspiring life.

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        Welcome you to visit our website!
        86,722 banking network to financial management, financial products, financial management of life in three main categories as a starting point, Web site covering new concept of banking, foreign exchang

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