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        Bank of Chengdu (BoCD)

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        Summary:Bank of Chengdu (BoCD), founded in December 1996, is a regional joint-stock commercial bank with state-owned capital accounting for the majority of its diversified equity structure.
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        Bank of Chengdu (BoCD), founded in December 1996, is a regional joint-stock commercial bank with state-owned capital accounting for the majority of its diversified equity structure. Since 2008, BoCD has established strategic partnership with Hong Leong Bank of Malaysia. With RMB 3.25 billion registered capital and over 5000 employees, BoCD has established 11 branches in cities such as Chongqing, Xi'an, Guang'an, Ziyang, Meishan, Neijiang, Nanchong, Yibing, Leshan, Deyang and A'ba, and 31 direct subbranches within Chengdu administrative area, and over 170 banking offices. BoCD initiated the establishment of Sichuan Jincheng Consumer Finance Co. Ltd., the first consumer finance company in Midwestern China, as well as Jiangsu Baoying Jincheng Rural Bank Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Mingshan Jincheng Rural Bank Co., Ltd., and became a shareholder of Bank of Tibet.

        To achieve the strategic goal of developing into "a modern commercial bank of coordinated development, distinctive characteristics, prominent culture and widespread recognition", BoCD has explored a differentiated development path with distinctive characteristics and outstanding competitive edge in the industry by adhering to the principle of "serving local economy, serving SME, serving urban and rural residents". Major operation indicators reaching the top level of advanced domestic banks, BoCD now boasts the strongest comprehensive strength among the commercial banks in western China. By the end of 2015, the total assets reached RMB 321.445 billion Yuan, with deposits amounting to RMB 240.568 billion Yuan and loans RMB 134.408 billion Yuan. In the latest ranking of the British magazine The Banker, BoCD ranked 308th among the top 1000 banks all over the world, 36th among Chinese commercial banks, 13th among Chinese city commercial banks, and 1st among city commercial banks in western China.

        BoCD has integrated its development with the overall development of local economy and implemented the major development strategies formulated by central and local governments. On the basis of Chengdu's central position and radiation effect in the western area, BoCD, combining the industrial advantages in Chongqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi, provides vigorous financial support and guarantee for local industries, urban and rural infrastructure constructions as well as civil projects, which has made positive contribution to the healthy and rapid development of local economy and the progress of urban-rural integration.

        BoCD is committed to product innovation and localization, developing a series of products featuring characterization, standardization and localization. At present, the SME financing brand "Wealth Wings" has developed more than 10 products including "Zhuangdadai", "Kepiaotong", "Kechuangdai", "Duorongyi", "Chuangyedai", "Jiejiegao" and "Yinshuitong", providing a variety of financing plans and one-stop financial services for SME at different stages of development.

        BoCD keeps "understanding residents, providing convenience for residents and benefiting residents", and continues to provide basic financial services such as payroll services, social insurance services and utility fees collection. Meanwhile, through implementing the beneficial pricing policy, cutting down the cost of card using, providing high-yield wealth management products, promoting comprehensive payment platform "E-City Access", and upgrading the construction of online financing and community bank, BoCD has won the title of "Civil Bank" among local residents for its services of good quality and high efficiency.

        In recent years, thanks to excellent business performance and financial services, BoCD has successively won the honorable titles including "Top 100 Enterprises in Sichuan", "Best City Commercial Bank", "Best City Commercial Bank for Financial Services", "Best Bank for High Quality Service", "Best Financial Service for Public", "Awards for Bank Technology Development", "Best Financial Institutions for Social Responsibilities ", "Most Trustworthy Bank for Public", etc..

        Contact Us

        028-96511 / 400-68-96511

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        1 floor Bank of Chengdu (BoCD) [*.*.*.*] published in 2017/12/26/ 11:40:00
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        Bank of Chengdu (BoCD), founded in December 1996, is a regional joint-stock commercial bank with state-owned capital accounting for the majority of its diversified equity structure.

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