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        Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (ASK Pharm)

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        Summary:Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (ASK Pharm) was founded in January 2003, and is a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates and streamlines innovative research and development.
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        Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (ASK Pharm) was founded in January 2003, and is a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates and streamlines innovative research and development with manufacture, marketing promotion and sales of proprietary pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and health-care products. The company underwent corporate restructuring in July 2011 to further improve its organization efficacy and production capacity. At present, ASK Pharm has established a systematical administration and operation structure, with comprehensive management system, superior R&D facility, state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity, sustainable product quality assurance, professional sales network, and after-marketing drug use monitoring and surveillance.

        ASK Pharm has always prioritized proprietary product innovation and optimization. By 2011, the company held 64 proprietary inventions or patents, including 35 product patents and 29 package design patents. The company has obtained 77 product registration certificates fro m the SFDA, which included 64 certificates for proprietary parenteral injectables and 13 certificates for API. There are five research institutes under the ASK Pharm banner, i.e., Nanjing Haiguang Applied Chemistry Research Institute, ASK Institute for Drug Delivery Systems, ASK Biotech Institute, ASKGene Pharma USA, and ASK Chiral Research Center. These research institutes are the core sources contributing to a healthy and successful growth of the company.

        ASK Pharm specializes in proton pump inhibitor (PPI) products and oncology medicines. The company is one of the primary national suppliers of proprietary PPI injections, one of the national leading manufacturers of oncology medicines. Its specialization and expertise in lyophilized parenteral products are unique and top-notch in Mainland China. Over the years ASK Pharm has consistently adhered to current GMP in product manufacture and quality assurance. Its GMP facilities have consecutively passed both national and provincial certifications for 11 times, among which its production line for lyophilized parenterals was the first one to pass national CGMP criteria (new version) in Nanjing. At present, its manufacturing capacity includes numerous state-of-the-art production lines for lyophilized injections, small-volume injections, and various APIs.

        ASK Pharm has established a nationwide marketing and sales network for its products; its current sales network spreads throughout the entire nation except Tibet. Consequently the company has acquired significant national market shares and experienced fast expansions in recent years; its annual revenue increase has maintained at 35% between 2009-2011. ASK Pharm has ascended into the ranking of “100 Top National Pharmaceutical Companies” since 2009. It has also received numerous honors such as “Top Ten National R&D Innovators”, “Best National Enterprise for Investment”, and “National Torch Program High-Tech Enterprises”. “Aosaikang” brand has also been certified as “National Brand-Name Trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

        As a leading manufacturer in PPI and oncology medications, ASK Pharm has developed and fostered national strategic partnerships with professional associations and research-based universities, in order to promote safe drug use and create educational programs. The company participates and sponsors annual professional conferences organized by Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology. It has also established numerous funding programs including “ASK Scholarships”, “ASK Research Foundation” and “ASK Clinical Pharmacy Foundation”, in support of training undergraduate/graduate students in numerous universities, as well as practicing pharmacists in hospital pharmacies across the country. These collaborations have played a significant role in shaping the company into a leading pharmaceutical innovator in Mainland China.

        ASK Pharm has always set up the highest standards in corporate administration and operation. As a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise, its management objectives include enhancing healthcare qualities for the patients, providing comprehensive services to the customers, creating equal opportunities for the employees, and generating supreme returns for the stakeholders. The company endeavors to become a national pioneer and leader in specialty pharmaceutical products, and make contributions for better prosperity and harmony of the society.

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        1 floor Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (ASK Pharm) [*.*.*.*] published in 2014/01/08/ 09:43:00
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        Jiangsu Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (ASK Pharm) was founded in January 2003, and is a research-based pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates and streamlines innovative research and development

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