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        Dongyang Miandeli Bedclothing Co., Ltd

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        Summary:Dongyang Miandeli Bedclothing Co., Ltd is located in No. 3, Yuexin Road, Science Industrial Park, Jiangbei Street Office, Dongyang, Zhejiang, with land area of 12,000sq.
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        Dongyang Miandeli Bedclothing Co., Ltd

        Dongyang Miandeli Bedclothing Co., Ltd is located in No. 3, Yuexin Road, Science Industrial Park, Jiangbei Street Office, Dongyang, Zhejiang, with land area of 12,000sq.m and building area of over 10,000sq.m. Through years of development, the company has developed into a special bedclothing manufacturer with world-class advanced level, integrating R&D, production and sale into a whole. The company is engaged in manufacturing various bedspreads, sheet set (4pcs), quilt cover, pillowslip, pillow inner, silk quilt, wool comforter, terylene fiber quilt, natural fiber quilt, down feather quilt, summer quilt, and bedclothing for children, etc.

        The company owns advanced computer embroiderer, multi-needle quilting machine, automatic cotton spraying equipment, cotton carding equipment, and quilt making production line, which guarantees our production quality and capacity. And the company has passed certification of ISO9001: 2008 International Quality System. The products can be found in many countries and regions, with high reputation among clients. And the company keeps favorable partnership with many merchants both at home and abroad.

        Taking quality as life and credit as root, Miandeli cooperates with worldwide clients with best products, long-term friendship, and operation strategy of “good faith and win-win.

        CultureCore values: speedy, harmonious and excellent Working hard in group creates brilliance of enterprise.

        Under guaranteeing work quality, every department should finish the following work speedily and efficiently: feedback of customers and clients; development of market and products; efficient production, purchasing, and supplying; rapid response facing competitor.
        In the company, we pay much attention to communication, mutual cooperation and care to accomplish the goal together; we sets up favorable partnership with suppliers, clients and friends fro m all circles to realize win-win.
        The company continuously pursues excellence, improves product quality, provides better service, upgrades special knowledge and business level, makes the management process more smooth, management method more scientific and management system more perfect, and advanced for higher goals.

        Miandeli home textile concept

        For years, Miandeli always innovates and forms unique product style and concept of softness and fashion.
        In order to reduce the intermediate sales circle, Miandeli reduces material coat and implements mass production by direct purchasing circle, which reduces the production and sales cost and benefits the franchisees and consumers. Compared with the supplying policy of like brands, franchisee will get more profit.
        Miandeli attaches much attention to the raw materials, sel ecting high grade fabric (such as pure cotton, satin drill pattern and printed twill, etc), high quality natural filler, and hi-tech synthetic fiber filler. With complete categories and guaranteed quality, the products are practical and health caring. Additionally, the company gradually develops new products, creates comfortable products, upgrades taste and leads the vogue.

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        1 floor Dongyang Miandeli Bedclothing Co., Ltd [*.*.*.*] published in 2015/04/10/ 09:12:00
        Welcome you to visit our website!
        Dongyang Miandeli Bedclothing Co., Ltd is located in No. 3, Yuexin Road, Science Industrial Park, Jiangbei Street Office, Dongyang, Zhejiang, with land area of 12,000sq.

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