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        Takamine company In Japan

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        Summary:Takamine company In Japan is located in the mountains of Japan , already had 40 years of reform and box piano manufacturing history , and it is from a family workshop has been developed to become the.
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        Takamine company In Japan is located in the mountains of Japan , already had 40 years of reform and box piano manufacturing history , and it is fro m a family workshop has been developed to become the world leader in container industry is one piano . Around the world, there are countless guitarists in the purchase and use of Takamine guitar . So Takamine is how to do it so successful ? The most important reason is probably that it respected guitarists need, and therefore won the trust of its guitarist . Takamine uses a lot of the most advanced techniques and technology in guitar manufacturing , and sales fro m raw material to the entire process , have strict quality control.

        60s of last century , when the guitar and popular music popular in Japan when , Takamine began to join the field , and began working to develop their own unique technology and brand . 1968 Mass Hirade join Mr. Takamine company, which is Takamine company history is the most important thing, his bold design of the guitar and processes of reform , while the company's management has also been reformed , making Takamine 's fame started getting loud, booming business . During this period, the history of the world box piano one of the most famous model "Classical" series was produced, until today, this model is still engraved Hirade name.

        1975 , Takamine began to enter the overseas market , until today , Takamine with its perfect tone and excellent workmanship , has won a guitarist who has a heart. In 1978 , Takamine began to market the concept of electric box piano , and quickly became one of the leaders in this field . Takamine guitar manufacturing for the greatest contribution is their box piano pickup concept, which has become the industry standard . Other instruments manufacturers also soon launch the electric box piano series, but at the time no one could reach the electrical box piano Takamine making the height because Takamine pickup device is not just a plus , but a continuation of the guitar itself . It has a separate six pickup sensors , can be very good to capture the subtle strings and piano body vibration , while also sliding Takamine preamp control system of the pioneers . Until today , in this field , there is no other guitar manufacturers to replace Takamine leadership.

        SoundChoice Takamine preamp system is another great innovation , each of the different systems are easy to remove and is free of interchangeable , meaning that if you have a system with SoundChoice Takamine acoustic guitar , and you and they want to sound different characteristics , then you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy a new Takamine acoustic guitar , and as long as other types of SoundChoice purchased separately before the class system , so you can get a different sound characteristics . As for electric guitar pickups can be different for different characteristics of sound the same, but the difference is , Takamine 's time to replace this system is definitely not more than two minutes , very simple and convenient.


        E-mail : askus@takamine.com

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        Takamine company In Japan is located in the mountains of Japan , already had 40 years of reform and box piano manufacturing history , and it is from a family workshop has been developed to become the

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